EPDI: European Post-Doctoral Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Frequently asked questions

Can I use only part of the grant?

In case of a parallel offer of a postdoc position Laureates may postpone the start date to the beginning of the second academic year.
However, in that case though, they will only use one year of the scholarship.

Can you give me an example of acceptable itinerary?

Detailed itineraries of current laureates can be found in the 'Laureates' section of the site.

How can my referees send their letters?

Letters are expected to arrive electronically before the posted deadline.
The simplest way is to send them to­

I have validated my PhD In Germany. Can I consider spending 1 year at MPIM Bonn or MIS Leipzig?

The EPDI spirit is to encourage mobililty of young researchers.
Therefore you will be expected to propose an itinerary with at least 21 months outside your PhD country.
In this respect, you could for example consider staying in Germany 3 ­months at the end of the scholarship.

I wish to stay at IHES. Can I indicate a Paris-Sud Professor as a collaborator?

Yes, it is possible to indicate a Professor of a neighbouring university in the application form.

Can I change my itinerary during the grant period?

Itineraries proposed by laureates are negociated with the EPDI Jury at the moment of the selection.
Once it has been validated by the EPDI Jury, it is confirmed to the hosting institutes.
Therefore, for administrative reasons, it is difficult to change it during the grant period.

How can I get refund for my scientific trips?

Please provide the following documents:
You will be refunded as soon as possible
Please note that hotel expenses and conference fees will­ not refunded.

Co­nditions for application­

Organisation of the programme

Candidates should propose
Should a chosen institute be unavailable at the time of the selection, the Jury will suggest an alternative visit to the laureate.

Stays in the country of origin or of PhD can be arranged at the end of the grant (3 months max.).

¹Laureates can only attend The Issac Newton Institute(INI in Cambridge, UK), Institut Mittag-Leffler(IML in Djursholm, Sweden), Centre de Recerca Matemàtica(CRM in Barcelona, Spain) and Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach(MFO in Oberwolfach, Germany) as part of specific scientific programmes.
As a result, candidates planning to include a visit at these instititutions are invited to check the relevant websites in order to identify the programme they would like to take part in.­­

²In this case, the candidate is invited to contact the chosen institution and make sure he/she is prepared to send an application to the JSPS ­programme "Post-doctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers"to fund the visit.

Financial information

Visits are funded by the different institutes hosting the laureates.
As well as a subsistence allowance, each laureate can receive financial support for his/her scientific trips (participation in conferences, colloquia, seminars i­n Europe) up to 765 Euros per annum.
This travel allocation can also be used to refund travel costs from one institute to another.

Documents to be provide­d

Application form

How to apply?

­ ­ Applicants should fill out the ap­plication form and submit their documents ­online.

Laureates will be selected in mid-January 2015.
Fellowships will start in September or October 2015.
Next call for applications: October 2014.

Contact: email conntect