Remit of ERCOM

  1. ERCOM is an EMS committee consisting of Scientific Directors of European Research Centres in the Mathematical Sciences, or their chosen representatives. Only European centres which are institutional members of the EMS, predominantly research oriented, with an international scientific board and a large international visiting programme, covering a broad area of the Mathematical Sciences are eligible for representation in ERCOM. The eligibility of centres is decided by the EMS Executive Committee after consultations with ERCOM.
  2. ERCOM aims to contribute to the unity of Mathematics, from fundamentals to applications.
  3. The purposes of ERCOM are:
  4. The Chair of ERCOM is nominated by the committee and approved by the Executive Committee of the EMS. The Chair of ERCOM proposes a Vice-Chair who is nominated by ERCOM and approved by the EMS. The terms of office for each are four years, with the possibility of re-appointment for another two-year period. The Executive Committee of the EMS appoints a Delegate to act as bridge between this committee and ERCOM.
  5. The Committee meets at least once annually.
  6. The research centres cover the expenses of ERCOM.

If your centre is not currently represented in ERCOM and you feel that it meets the above criteria,
we encourage you to fill out our questionnaire concerning the eligibility of your centre's representation in ERCOM.

Please download the ERCOM questionnaire (2014) as PDF or MS-WORD, fill it in and send it by email or surface mail to the ERCOM chair.